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Feeding and Conveying

  • “Standard” Self-contained Hopper Loaders - SAL

    Self-contained Hopper Loaders - SAL “Standard”

    "Standard" Self-contained SAL-330 / 360 series adopt single phase carbon brush motor with superior suction power and easy installation. It is particularly suitable for conveying new materials.
    SAL-430 / 460 series use a three phase inductive motor with low noise level and long service life. It also has an automatic motor reverse cleaning device.more...
  • “Standard” Separate-vacuum Hopper Loaders - SAL-G

    Separate-vacuum Hopper Loaders - SAL-G “Standard”

    SAL-G series “Standard” separate-vacuum hopper loaders are suitable for conveying material over long distance. SAL-700G/800G/800G2 are for one to one combination, while SAL-900G/900G2 are for one to two combination. All models adopt stainless steel hopper to ensure no contamination to raw material. High efficiency high pressure blower features light weighted, durable, great suction power, easy installation and operation.more...
  • Self-contained hopper loaders - SAL-U

    Self-contained hopper loaders - SAL-U

    SAL-U series self-contained hopper loaders are Euro design with stainless steel hopper to avoid material contamination. In addition, it has an attractive appearance, a sound-proof motor cover to reduce noise level and a top handle to enable convenient movement. Also the remote operation has been realized by using a detachable control panel.more...
  • Separate-vacuum Hopper Loaders - SAL-UG

    Separate-vacuum Hopper Loaders - SAL-UG

    SAL-UG series separate-vacuum hopper loaders are based on the established design and now feature more attractive appearance, better performance, and improved ease of operation. The whole range comprises of seven models equipped with vacuum blower from 1 to 15 HP. Economy models can be offered on request.more...
  • Flexible Screw Feeders - SSC

    Flexible Screw Feeders - SSC

    SSC series flexible screw feeders adopt motor-driven screws for raw material conveying, applicable to convey regrinds, virgin materials, powders and their mixtures with features of low noise level, easy installation and maintenance. Three models of SSC-40/50/65 available with max. horizontal conveying capacity of up to 1,200kg/hr. Besides using in plastic industry, they can also apply in food, chemistry, pharmacy and other various applications.more...
  • Venturi Loader - VL

    Venturi Loader - VL

    VL series venturi loader use fast flowing pressurized air to create a vacuum that is used to convey various plastic granules. Air pressure is around 6~8kgf/cm2.more...
  • Multi-station-Hopper-Loaders-SAL-UG122/124


    "One-to-Two or One-to-Four" Separate hopper loaders are designed and developed on the basis of original European separate-vacuum hopper Loaders. They feature more functions, easy to operate, and convenient to install. This model, equipped with a high pressure blower and four SHR-U-S type European central vacuum hoppers, is applicable to four dehumidifying and drying machines (dehumidifying dryer "SDD") or one gravimetric blender "SGB" to process plastic materials. Besides that , it can also realize the "One-to-Two or One-to-Four" way of conveying materials to different moulding machines or hoppers to greatly lower the cost.more...
  • Rotary Valve - SRV

    Rotary Valve - SRV

    The rotary valve is designed to feed powder materials and is the most precision feeding machine. Especially, it will get the optimum efficiency in the pneumatic conveying system or differental pressure condition. SHINI is devoting herself to creat higher pressure tightness seal, satisfying higher demands, providing better quality.more...
  • Single wire conveying system SWCS

    Single wire conveying system SWCS

    Single wire conveying system is suitable for conveying new materials. It adopts European design and stainless steel hopper to prevent material from contamination. It’s powerful. With touch screen operation panel, it features simple and convenient operation. When equipped with 1-12 European vacuum hoppers SMHR-U, it’s suitable for “one-to-many” way of conveying materials to different molding machines or hoppers.more...
  • Central Control Station SCCS

    Central Control Station SCCS

    SCCS series German made SIEMENS PLC controller with best design and powerful functions, it can efficiently control the system of dust cleaning, material conveying, alarming etc. The system has strong compatibility, which can support up to maximum 36 moulding machines. Easy maintenance and highly reliable so to reduce the maintenance cost. Comply with "CE" standard to ensure safe operation. Easy to operate with humanized operation interface.more...
  • Central Vacuum Generators SCVG

    Central Vacuum Generators SCVG

    In central conveying system, central vacuum generator will provide vacuum (negative pressure) power. This machine adopts high pressure blower or Roots blower as its core power, which has features like heavy-duty, great power and long service life etc to ensure continuously loading. Besides, this series offer more than 11 models with maximum 15 HP applicable to different system applications. The start of the blower is controlled via central control station and can work with equipments like Euro vacuum central hopper and central filter to realize automatic material loading function. more...
  • Material Distribution Station SMDS

    Material Distribution Station SMDS

    The function of material distribution station is to distribute materials to corresponding storage hoppers. There are five models of SMDS series, each equipped with quick couplers, so the loading and unloading of material are convenient. The stainless steel is adopted for bulid of the station to eliminate material contamination.more...
  • Belt Conveyors

    Belt Conveyors

    Shini manufactures five types of belt conveyor as follows under technical license from a leading european manufacturer.
    PNL series conveyors feature reliable performance and ease of operation and are suitable for use with CB or SV series conveying or as stand-alone unites.
    PNL-MS series belt conveyor with metal detector is a device which can detect the metal contained in the material during conveying and simultaneously activate the alarm.
    CB series conveyors feature reliable performance and ease of operation and are suitable for conveying sprues or finished products to a higher level beside the moulding machine.
    CBD series conveyors feature reliable performance and ease of operation and are suitable for conveying finished products to separator to separate product from its connecting sprues. The height is adjustable.
    SV series conveyors feature reliable performance and ease of operation and are suitable for conveying finished products fed from robots to a lower level.more...